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September 11, 2013



So here is my report of my weekend at Otakuthon which was held last August 16-18 2013 in Montreal. It was my first year staying at a hotel for that convention instead of going back home each night. I shared a room with :icontrination::iconpsychoscarf::iconantoinecapture: and we stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Montreal. It was a funny atmosphere all weekend at the hotel because it held at the same time a Bud Light Lime-A-Rita beach party event. So we saw quite a few drunk people in the hotel during the weekend (Like that one guy who was staring blankly at the Bud Light sticker on the floor and trying to rub it with his feet for like 5min and the 2 guys who were yelling in front of the elevator who then saw us and just yelled to know if we where room service when we were in cosplay). But at least in general no one bothered us that much so it was a nice stay (Except maybe for those small beds...where they really double beds?).

Friday morning, my dad offered me a lift to the hotel. So we went and picked up trination and then headed there to meet the 2 others at 12pm. When we got there we could immediately go in our room (After being asked like 5 times by the employee if the 3 other person with me where really the ones that I had wrote their names on the reservation). We then slowly settled in our room (me and AntoineCapture went to get some subway for lunch during that time). While we were eating in the room AntoineCapture suddenly saw a trap door and he opened it to see where it lead and then I just saw him almost jumping in there air and starting to make a barfing face. I asked him what was going on and he just told me that we needed to get out of there unless we wanted to stay in a room with dead rats. He asked me to come and see them but I just stayed where I was eating my subway. Then trination came out of the bathroom and asked what was going on and I said that he had seen dead rats. So she was like woooooo and wanted to see them. He showed her where they where and she just said that the only thing she saw was dust. He then looked back and was like…oh it was only dust. Congrats on your discovery of dust AntoineCapture (He was really hoping it was rats so we could have complained and been giving a better room). After that little event we decided to put on our cosplays. So trination put on her Sister cosplay(To Aru), I went as Accelerator(To Aru) and PsychoScarf was Kurapika(HunterxHunter). We then headed to the convention to go meet Maude's friend :iconevergreensymphonia: and to get our badges at around 4pm. We waited around 1h to get our badges. For the rest of the day we explored the dealer room, ate supper and went to see the Moon Stream concert after that. Late at night we went and did a photoshoot for our To aru cosplay. The glass window buildings around there are perfect for depicting Academy City from that serie. After that we went back to our hotel room. The 2 girls where sleepy and we were hungry so me and AntoineCapture left the room to let them sleep at around 2am to go get some Tim Hortons. After ordering a lot of stuff from the employee who looked like he wanted to kill himself because he really hated is job, we stayed there to talk up until 3am. When we arrived back in front of the door of our room we could only hear the two others giggling in the much for sleeping!

It was then Saturday, it was our HunterxHunter cosplay day! My cosplay was Hisoka, trination was Kuroro, PsychoScarf Kurapika and AntoineCapture Kite. Me and AntoineCapture left in the morning to go have some breakfast at Tim Hortons while the 2 others started to put on their cosplay. We again met the same employee who now looked even more like wanting to kill himself.  When we came back the girls where done putting on their cosplays and left to go to the name that anime song panel. Me and AntoineCapture joined them later on. In the afternoon we went and did a little photoshoot of our cosplays and then trination went and changed back into her Sister cosplay and PsychoScarf and AntoineCapture removed there cosplays. I decided to stay as Hisoka just for the heck of it. We then went to go see the mascarade and finished our day by going outside on the roof of the convention building to take some pictures of trination cosplay.

For Sunday, trination went as Clear(Dramatic Murder), PsychoScarf
 wore a Japanese kimono and for me it was Dio time(Jojo)! That day at 1pm I was going to go to a Jojo gathering that had been organised online. I was excited to see other Jojo cosplay. When I wore Dio at Anime North I had only seen a Rohan, Johnny and a Caesar/Joseph/Suzie Q group. For this convention I had made my stand The World to carry around with me.  After leaving the hotel, we headed to :iconjapanese-pink: panel but we arrived when it was almost finished. We then went to the video game music concert. While watching the concert I heard two guys who whispered zawarudo and then they came and poked me to get a picture. I heard quite a few people whispering zawarudo while walking around that day. Me and AntoineCapture left the concert before it ended to head for the Jojo gathering. Before going there I went to the bathroom, so AntoineCapture held my stand while he was waiting for me and when I came back there was a Jotaro cosplayer there waiting with him. I then just laughed. It was one of those...we meet at last moments. Jotaro wanted to catch Dio of guard while he was taking a piss. We then headed for the Jojo gathering. It was quite fun seeing for a first time a huge Jojo group. So fabulous, so much poses to be done. The gathering was really awesome and the colored windows were great for the colorful designs of Jojo. I got to meet and talk with some new people which is always cool (Inserting here some of them which I found there DA accounts. Here, go see their cool cosplays! :iconsolo-the-loner::iconv-o-n::iconkarumen-chan:). After the gathering we went back to meet the girls and went for a last time in the dealer room to buy everything we wanted from there. Me and AntoineCapture finished our day by going to a Jojo panel. After that my dad came and picked up me and trination so we could bring her back home and then we headed back home also (When I came back at home I needed to sleep on the floor for 3 nights after the convention because my aunt, cousin and his wife came from Toronto to our house to pay a visit for a couple of days).


So yea, now time to talk about next year conventions. I am finally going to be able to go to more conventions...awwww yea. Looking into buying my first car this coming winter. Next year,  I'm going to go to Katsukon and Otakon in the United states and the usual Anime north and Otakuthon here in Canada. So my next convention would be Katsucon in February. I will be going only with AntoineCapture. It shall be our first United states convention. As for cosplays, AntoineCapture wanted to do Kite again so I don't mind doing Hisoka also. But I wanted to do a new Jojo cosplay also. At first, I really wanted to do Diego but at the moment I'm not really into working on another cosplay. So because I don't want to rush doing Diego last minute because I might start my cosplay later on, I was thinking of maybe doing Kira first which would take less time to do. I would then do Diego for the next convention after that. But yea, I'm still thinking about it. Diego or Kira first hummmmm.

So that is all for this convention report /0/
Cya soon! 

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trination Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
"So she was like woooooo and wanted to see them"
tbh I'm still waiting for my dead rat
Onerik Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well...maybe in the next hotel we will stay there shall be some!!!
AntoineCapture Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
HAHAha lol it should be awesome if we can get the suite at the top of the hotel with the jaccousi and everything include >.<
Onerik Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You need to find those real rats yo!
v-o-n Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013
so sad I didn't meet you guys in your HxH cosplays!! I saw a picture my friend took and you all looked super awesome :'D 

Speaking of katsucon
me and Phil are doing Gyro/Johnny
not that I'm trying to influence you or anything
Onerik Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much :D!!!

maybe try for diego then
so tempting lollllllll
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